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Individuals often have no notion of how to file their taxes correctly, what benefits they are eligible for, of they are able to get back any money. Wealthy people often have an advisor who can help them, but for the less wealthy there is nothing. In addition to this, for non Dutch speaking people, this whole process is even more confusing and overwhelming. Which is where Jan de Belastingman' chatbot comes to help, it was created with the mission to give individuals answers to tax questions. To give the bot a human touch, it was christened Jan de Belastingman. Jan de Belastingman shows that tax return assistance can be done differently, without hours of waiting times, inefficient processes and high hourly rates!


Through a combination of a unique AI system and a team of tax experts, and lawyers, Jan de Belastingman ensures that he is always aware of all new tax laws and regulations. Through the creation of a unique chatbot you can ask and get your questions answered 24/7. All advice is independent of one another and tailored to each case/challenge customers are facing.

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32 years, Accountant

I have contacted Jan to check the deductions for me that I am entitled to. Last year I started my new education and it now appears that it is deductible. Thanks for the help Jan!

25  years, master student UVA, job in horeca

I always complete my tax return myself, but just to be on the safe side I still double check with Jan.

36 years, logistic planner

Fast and reliable!

29 jaar, Freelance communicatie specialist

I have contacted Jan to check the deductions for me that I am entitled to.

27 jaar, Student Nursing

Very helpful, really great!

35 years, pharmacy assistant

In addition to my training as a pharmacy assistant, I work part-time at pharmacy.nl. I travel quite a few kilometers for my work. Jan advised me to declare the travel expenses as a deductible item. Now it appears that I am receiving 2026.. back. I will definitely recommend you to my friends Jan. This is really great.

36 years, barman

Pleasant and simple way of checking my deductions.

29 jaar, Freelance Communicatie specialist

This works!! Jan the Tax Man was able to answer all my questions!

34 jaar, Psycholoog

Every year I doubted whether I was getting everything out of my tax return. Using the chat has given me certainty again!

53 jaar, werkloos

Jan the Tax Man is easy to use. it works nicely. also fast.

32 years

As a manager in the hospitality industry there are many hidden costs. Thanks to Jan's advice, I can now deduct certain costs and receive them back.

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Als student marketing werk ik naast mijn studie bij een digitaal bureau. Jan de Belastingman heeft me geadviseerd om bepaalde beroepsgerelateerde kosten op te geven. Bedankt Jan, jouw hulp is echt waardevol!<\/p>"}

58 jaar

Als zzp'r in de bouw had ik complexe belastingvragen met betrekking tot afschrijvingen en investeringen. Jan de Belastingman heeft me uitstekend geholpen, en dankzij zijn advies heb ik meer dan \u20ac1.500,- kunnen terugkrijgen<\/p>"}

55 jaar

Jan de Belastingman heeft me begeleid bij het optimaliseren van mijn aangifte hierdoor heb ik veel geld (2000 euro) teruggekregen. <\/p>"}