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Would you like to have your tax return done by Jan de Belastingman? Start the chat and enter your contact details. We will contact you within 24 hours. Reliable & understandable. Includes free dashboard. Jan de Belastingman shows that tax return assistance can be done differently, without hours of waiting times, inefficient processes and expensive hourly rates!

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Your free tax advice in 3 steps!

Create your account 1.

Create your account

To use Jan de Belastingman you must create an account. Creating an account is easy by starting the tax chat and registering via Social login (Facebook or Google) or with your email address. You will then immediately have your personal account. Jan de Belastingman attaches great importance to carefully handling your personal data. Personal data is therefore processed and secured using GDPR standards.

Ask your tax question 2.

Ask your tax question

Start your conversation with Jan de Belastingman, the digital tax advisor who is always available and ask all your questions about the complex tax system for free. You will be able to fill in your income in your tax return, but what about the other deductions such as healthcare costs, donations, study costs, etc.? Are there specific posts to which you are entitled? Jan de Belastingman will find out and help you with all.

Get free tax advice 3.

Get free tax advice

Jan de Belastingman immediately provides you with independent and reliable tax advice on your tax question. You can take this tax advice with you and consult it when completing your income tax at www.taxdienst.nl. Should Jan de Belastingman not have the answer immediately available, because it is a bit more complex? Jan de Belastingman will then contact you within 24 hours.

Other services Jan de Belastingman can help you with.

It is of course still possible to receive free advice and assistance for other services. Jan de Belastingman immediately gives you personalised advice on confusing topics such as the M Form, Benefits, Gift and Inheritance Tax, and AOW. Jan the Belastingman is there to help you with everything you need to file all your documents correctly.

“Every year I have healthcare costs and I sometimes hear from different people that I can deduct those costs. I didn't feel like finding out the exact rules... That's why I decided to ask my question to Jan de Belastingman. Got a number of questions answered right away and discovered that I could indeed save money. Saves me a lot of reading time, thanks! :)”

Ben, Logistics Manager